When you have to take care of a child be it a baby or toddler, there are a lot of things you need to take care of. Their food, their clothes, how comfortable they are etc. As your toddler gets older, they start to develop more cognitive skills and develop their personalities. They start to have favorite colors and clothing items and would even pick out their own color of Classic Knot Headbands when dressing them out. This shows that they are becoming more aware of themselves and their environment. Below we talk about the best ways you can take care of your toddler and how you can help them grow up in the best way.

Stimulate their Senses

Is a toddler, every day they learn more about people and places for the first time. The more they are exposed to new information, the faster they learn. When a toddler has more enriching and engaging experiences their senses are more engaged and they grow up having more active brains. Do not overstimulate them or bombard them with information but just make sure they have the right toys and activities to give them a good amount of simulation. Get them toys of different shapes, textures and colors. Have them play interactive games and watch interactive TV programs. Go on walks with them to the park and have them play with other kids and make new friends. Also, let them stimulate their physical senses by allowing them to walk or crawl around. This will help them develop their muscles and have good coordination and balance.

Provide their Basic Needs

Kids need someone to care for them and provide their basic needs because they can’t do it themselves. If you are a parent or guardian, it is your duty to give them all the care they need. They need to be well fed with balanced diets containing all the vitamins and minerals they need. If a toddlers diet is not balanced it can slow and alter their development process. If you are breastfeeding it is important that you also feed yourself with a balanced diet.

Make sure your toddlers are always well rested by ensuring they have enough sleep. Make sure they are wearing comfortable clothing and take them for regular checkups with the doctor. Keep their immunizations up to date and make sure they don’t have any infections. If they do, treat it immediately. Don’t let it stay infected is it might worsen. Also, track your kids eating and sleeping patterns to watch for anomalies. If you’re worried about your toddler’s sleeping or eating patterns, talk to your doctor.


During REM (rapid eye movement) sleep your child’s brain cells are making important connections called synapses. These pathways enable all learning, movement, and thought. They are the key to your child understanding all she is seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling as she explores the world.

Provide a Safe Environment

Make sure you childproof your home. Keep dangerous and sharp objects out of their reach and get gates and fences from the stairwell and the pool if you have one. Put childproof locks in your kitchen cabinets and keep them away from the stove at all times. Also keep knives, lighters, and matches on elevated shelves and out of their reach.

Encourage Them

Always encourage your toddler to try new things and get them new toys that are more advanced than the last. Kids get bored with toys easily and part of this is because they are exploratory and once they understand a toy they become bored with it. So get then newer ones to advance their level. Let them figure things out themselves and let them explore safe objects around the house to figure out how they work.

Find Good Childcare

It is very important that you get the right person to look after your kid. It is important to your child’s health and wellbeing. Get someone who has a genuine love for children and someone who is trained in childcare.

How to Meet the Basic Needs of Toddlers

The Need to Feel Included

Toddler and children, in general, have an innate need to feel included and part of something. Engage your toddlers in family and group activities that make them feel seen, valued, and part of the family or a family.

Need to Feel Secure

Kids also need to feel secure. They get scared easily because they don’t understand much of what is going on around them. Safety and security are essential to toddler’s emotional well-being. Promote a feeling of safety by explaining things to them and by keeping your word. Don’t break promises and don’t ignore their feelings. It’s important to keep your word to set a form of a structure including following through with promises of punishment if they do something wrong.

Need to Feel Heard

Like I mentioned, toddlers don’t understand a lot of what’s going on around them and it can lead to feelings of fear or frustration sometimes causing them to act out. One way to make them feel better is to make them feel heard. Listen when they have something to say is they are still developing their vocabulary, it might take a little longer to express themselves. Always encourage them to share their thoughts. Put in special effort to communicate with them.